For Enterpreneurs

Galil Ofek  invests in early-stage medical device/life science/biotechnology start-up companies with well-defined unmet market needs, large potential markets, novel technologies with strong IP coverage and strong capable management.

Why Galil Ofek?

The shareholders, investors and management team of Galil Ofek, have extensive industrial, management and financial track records of proven performance in the arena of creating and growing financially‐healthy companies with successful product lines.

We are involved in all aspects of our portfolio companies with the target of value creation. We support our projects in all the relevant aspects such as: technology and clinical development, marketing and business development, building of team and management, creating IP and regulatory strategy

Galil Ofek has a strong community commitment leading to extensive networking with businesses, research centers and local authorities in the northern part of Israel.

Every approved project receives a budget of up to 3.5M NIS for of the first 2 years and an option for additional investment for the third year.

Every approved project receives office and laboratory space, meeting rooms, accounting, bookkeeping and legal services.

Our strong support to entrepreneurs, who operate usually under strong personal stress, is an important factor in the success of our portfolio companies.

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