About Us

Galil Ofek is a peripheral technology incubator located in Katzrin, in the Upper Galilee.

The incubator focuses on bio-medical technologies: medical devices and biotechnology, with the Internet and software as secondary fields of interest.

Galil Ofek combines extensive management and investment experience and provides to its portfolio companies access to financial investors and to strategic partners.

Galil Ofek strongly emphasizes its position as one of the pillars of the community. It maintains close ties with research centers, hospitals and businesses related to its fields of interest.

Galil  Ofek  is located in a modern building designed as a technology incubator and providing the necessary facilities to its portfolio companies.

Galil  Ofek is part of the Incubators Incentive Program managed by the Israel Innovation Authority, from which every incubated company receives a conditional grant of 85% of its approved budget.

The portfolio companies of Galil Ofek enjoy a substantial increase in their budgets due to its status as a peripheral incubator.

Galil Ofek - Katzrin technology incubator
Galil Ofek - Katzrin technology incubator building
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