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Cytora is a startup regenerative medicine company developing novel stem cell therapies based on a unique patented platform technology of a highly potent stem cell population found in human adult oral mucosa.

The Need:

Among patients with diabetes, 15% develop a foot ulcer. The treatments available to date provide solution only to 50% of cases. There is no efficient multifactorial solution for non-closing wounds that may end up with amputation. Cytora aims to operate in this Market.

Cytora’s Solution:

In a pre-clinical study, hOMSC administration to wounds of diabetic mouse model (db/db) equalizes the rate of wound closure to the natural rate of wound closure in healthy animals (WT-untreated).

The Team:

Prof. Sandu Pitaru – VPR and CTO
Full Professor in Oral Biology – Head, Stem Cells Group, Tel Aviv University
7 international patents and 84 publications
Co-founder and inventor of Colbar Life Sciences (Acquired by Johnson and Johnson)
Co-founder and inventor of Cytora Ltd. Technologies

Jacob Zankel – CEO
30 years of experience in hi-tech leadership, software and hardware
Serves as active Chairman and Board Member in a number of startup companies
Former President and CEO for Radlan which was acquired by Marvel in 2003
Co-founder of Cytora
holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Israel Technology Institute (Technion)


Founded: 2015
Incubated: 2018
Development Stage: R&D

The Market Opportunity:

The total number of diabetes patients in the world is estimated at 392 million with an estimated 592 million in 2035. About 15% of them will develop DFU during their lifetime. It is estimated that every 30 seconds a leg is cut as a result of DFU in the world, which has deteriorated to life-threatening. In the US there are 4.4 million DFU patients, with total annual US expenditure on DFU of between $ 9 billion and $ 15 billion per year.


Phone   972-47799735 

Email       info@galilofek.com


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