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IOP Medical

IOP Medical Ltd., is an Israeli ophthalmology startup, backed by Stanford University and Galil Ofek Ventures developing a monitoring device for Glaucoma .

The Need:

Intraocular pressure is the main treatable risk factor for Glaucoma. Continuous self-monitoring is considered the holy grail of Glaucoma treatment, with a multi-billion USD market opportunity.

IOP’s Solution:

The company develops an implantable sensor for self-monitoring of intraocular pressure (the pressure inside the eye) with a simple smartphone camera. It is based on an innovative technology that was developed and patented in Stanford University (by Dr. Yossi Mandel, our Chief Scientist). We’ve secured exclusive license to the Stanford patent and are working on a commercial prototype these days. Feedback from the ophthalmology community is extremely supportive. Initial porcine eye experiment was published in a Nature Journal article and attracted much interest from leading Glaucoma experts worldwide, which consider the invention as an dramatic improvement over existing solutions for Glaucoma diagnostics and treatment.

The Team:

The company is lead by Dr. Yossi Mandel (Chief Scientist, the inventor, and a senior eye researcher in Bar Ilan University), Nir Sinai (R&D lead, previously lead Hanita Lenses R&D and other medical, eye related, projects) and Adam Parnes (Chairman, previously head of Oscar Gruss Israel and leader of several successful medical ventures). Our founding team and medical advisory board includes a dream team of top eye surgeons in Israel and the US (Prof. Joel Shuman, Prof. Ehud Asia and Prof. Shlomo Melamed).


Founded: 2018

Incubated: 2018

Development Stage:R&D

The Market:

The string of FDA approvals and startup acquisitions in the microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) space has been one of ophthalmology’s more promising stories. In recent years, 3 MIGS startups were acquired for a total amount exceeding $1.5B. Our product is a necessary add-on to any MIGS procedure, as well as other Glaucoma treatment procedures and in some cases Cataract surgery procedures, with total available market of approximately $2B per year and very little competition.


Phone     972-47799735

Email       info@galilofek.com


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