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Vicut Medical Devices

Vicut Medical new approach to the removing of flat and large polyps on internal organs allows professionals to remove the difficult objects faster and more accurate.

The Need:

Procedure for minimally invasive removal of large and/or flat polyps s are lengthy and complex and can only be performed by specially trained and highly experienced Interventional gastroenterologists. Likely complications include perforation, excessive bleeding and incomplete removal of the target lesion.

Vicut’s Solution:

Vicut Medical s developed LiftUp™ a novel system that facilitates sub-mucosal lifting with Albugel™, a novel protein-based bio-compatible formula.
The technology enables the physician to reshape the tumor elevated area and prepare and protect the cutting pass around and under the tumor
The prolonged elevation cushion that highly simplifies
EMR/ESD procedures and presents the endoscopist with an enhanced margin of safety. In addition, the solidified layer of Albugel™ left after the lesion has been removed acts as a protective patch for the post EMR/ESD ulcer base.

The Team:

Ofer Pillar,Chairman
Founder of Cbyond-medical generators, Formerly
VP Business Development Gyrus-ACMI, (acquired
by Olympus). Involved as a director with
several medical device companies

Adi Strauss, (Inventor and CEO)
Highly experienced in management of medical
device projects


Founded: 2013
Incubated: 2017
Development Stage: R&D

The Market Opportunity:

It is important to note that LiftUp™ is relevant to the entire GI tract as well as to endoscopic procedures in other disciplines, such as gynecology. In the colonic market alone, Vicut believes that its system is relevant to ~8 million/annually worldwide@2015, representing a total accessible market of $14 billion for this application only

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